Walrus goes to the Vans Warped Tour

February 15, 2018

Philip and Tyler braved the 104 degree heat for a full day of music at the Vans Warped Tour in Dallas, Texas.

Friday, July 28th took Philip and Tyler to the Dallas, Texas fairgrounds for the 2017 Warped Tour. The 40 degree Celsius heat didn't seem to slow anyone down and all of the bands still put everything they had into their 25 minute sets. Although, people didn't seem to mind cooling off in a generous spraying of "blood" from GWAR's theatrical set. Scroll down to check out a few shots from some of our favorite performances of the day.

This particular stop was especially fun because Dallas is home to our heavy hitting buddies, Fit For a King. They closed out the night with all of their friends and family gathered around and made every single more br00tal than the last. The 3.5 hour drive was worth it even if we did have to force down some 5 hour energy drinks to make it home at 3 a.m.

Special thanks to our friends at Ernie Ball for supplying the media passes!

Beartooth (Ohio, United States)
BlessTheFall (Arizona, United States)
Fit For A King (Texas, United States)
GWAR (Virginia, United States)
The Ataris (Indiane, United States)

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