Introducing The Callisto Series - Limited Editions

February 15, 2018

We hit up local illustrator and graphic designer, Mike Anderson about doing a short run with alternative "comic/super hero" versions of a few of our favourite pedals. With only a small amount of art direction, Mike let his imagination run wild and we are absolutely stoked on the outcome. These may be some of the most detailed images we've put to a pedal yet.

From the once flourishing distant moon, Callisto, this unruly team of interstellar travellers were forced to leave their homes and band together because of toxic changes in the atmosphere. As the remaining survivors of their home await solace in escape pods indefinitely suspended in the darkness of space, this unique team of vagrants searches for hope and a new future.

Illustrated by Mike Anderson, the Callisto series is a limited run that gives a colourful nod to the comics and super heroes we grew up reading and watching (and still do).

Available in Europe from the 15th of June via selected dealers.

Discover The Callisto Series Here
Contraband - Fuzz
Deep Six - Compression
Julia - Chorus/Vibrato
Messner - Light Gain Overdrive

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