Proof that #theREDshreds

February 15, 2018

Our good friend Henning Pauly just released his demo for our new RED High-Gain Distortion. Strap on the Viking helmet and enjoy.

To say that Henning got silly with this demo is an understatement. Henning really let his (metaphorical) hair down for this one. Blood drips, an animated dragon and some of the best over the top shred worthy Ibanez guitars we’ve seen.

All joking aside, this does show a great variety of settings and tones available through the RED. From sludgy thick chords to punchy solos, Henning shows what the pedal is capable of by tweaking the three band boost/cut knobs and changing the texture toggle.

The RED High-Gain Distortion is now shipping and available through our dealers or via the Walrus Audio website


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