The Jupiter Fuzz V2 is here!

February 15, 2018

Announced at winter NAMM, we’ve updated our multi-clip fuzz with a few nips, tucks and an external makeover.

Re-skinned with both new artwork and enclosure color, the already articulate and versatile fuzz has been tweaked to become an even more powerfully agile fuzz box. 

The Jupiter Fuzz v2 updates are as followed:

  • Increase of gain on tap
  • Adjusted volume control making it easier to dial in unity gain
  • Altered tone control for improved high frequency response
  • Added gate control via internal trim pot to tame noise, or to achieve the spatty “dying battery” tones

The Jupiter v2 comes in a coal sparkle finish with a burnt orange and cream ink and brushed aluminum knobs. Artwork features a lone astronaut explorer that never finished his journey. Stranded on one of Jupiter’s 67 moons, we may never know what put him there.

Discover Jupiter Fuzz v2 here

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