Introducing Julia and Contraband

February 15, 2018

We introduced 2 brand new pedals at NAMM 2016 - both are expected to be available later this year. "Julia" is an all analog Chorus/Vibrato and "Contraband" brings the Fuzz to your rig.

Julia Chorus/Vibrato

Julia is an all analog chorus and vibrato. Where most chorus/vibe pedals give you a toggle to flip between chorus and vibe, Julia offers a blend parameter to use up all the space in-between the two effects; moving from full dry, to chorus, to full vibrato. 

The lag parameter sets the delay time of the modulation.  You can manipulate rate, depth, and wave shape as well.

Contraband Fuzz

The Contraband Fuzz is a down to business no frills fuzz. Control how big and nasty the Contraband goes with one output control. On the toggle, the thick side increases bass response and the thin side decreases bass response.

Julia will start shipping around March 2016.

Contraband is expected to arrive in 2016.

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