Fathom or Descent. Which one should I pick?

February 27, 2018

With two reverbs in our arsenal now, which one should you consider getting?

Since most of us at the shop are huge fans of reverb, the answer would be both! But to answer the question, you’ll just need to compare features and decide which is better fitted for your needs.

While both pedals are more than capable of lush, ambient reverbs, the Fathom may be a little more rounded out for players that want some of the subtle reverb sounds too. Both pedals also contain an octave setting. You could consider the Descent’s octave settings more like the “studio” version of the Fathom’s Sonar mode. There is more control on the Descent with it’s octaves because you can feed the octave into each algorithm, whereas the Fathom only uses octaves on the Sonar mode. The Descent also has a stereo option.

The Descent and Fathom algorithms are different as well. In the Descent you’ll find Hall, Reverse and Shimmer. The Fathom has Hall, which is an updated richer version than the Descent’s plus Plate, Lo-Fi and Sonar (octave).

Both are great pedals and contain different functions. As always, if you have questions on these, email customerservice@walrusaudio.com!

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